You WILL learn how to play!

Welcome to the Modern Blues Harmonica store, hosted by Tradebit!

I've got roughly 250 digital items for sale, all of them geared towards blues harmonica students and fans.  The great majority of them are video lessons and tab sheets. 

If you click the "music tutorials" link on the right side of this page, under "Categories," you'll jump right to my QuickTime video lessons and tabs.  They are 95% of what I sell here at Tradebit.  Most of my videos and tabs are organized around specific songs--usually classics of the blues harmonica repertoire.  Many players purchase both the video and the tab, but some purchase only the video or only the tab sheet. The option is always yours.

You may be interested in the dozen or so files listed under "Music." They include several full-length, harp-heavy albums by Nat Riddles, Charlie Hilbert, and me.  They also include four recent albums:  my solo albums KICK AND STOMP (2010) and SOUTHBOUND (2011), and the Satan and Adam album, BACK IN THE GAME (2011), and The Blues Doctors album Rooster's Happy Hour

If you'd rather bypass the Tradebit search engine, you can go directly to my personal website, Modern Blues Harmonica.  Here are three links: 

     1)  the homepage, where I explain my teaching method

     2)  a "just for beginners" page, where you'll find a quick-start guide and some suggested products

     3)  the "store," a page on MBH where I list ALL the digital products that I sell here at Tradebit.  If you find Tradebit's search engine difficult to navigate (and some people do), you'll want to visit this page.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions at all, PLEASE email me: [email protected]. I'll get back to you quickly, almost certainly within a few hours.

--Adam Gussow

Oxford, Mississippi